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Post by Denizen on Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:56 pm

Royal Pains is a friendly clan of individuals who enjoy clash of clans.  Be nice to one another and respect your clan mates.

Royal Pains is a continuously warring clan.  If you are not fond of Clan wars we are a not the right clan for you.  Be active please.

Rules are simple:
1. Must be Mature
2. As all clans say, no drama. Cruelty, name calling, racism, and bullying will never be allowed and will be cause for instant kick.
3. Donate what is asked. Archers are default. Clan War donation requests will be updated every week.
4. Elder will be given as earned by loyalty, trust, respect, and lastly by your activity.
5. There is not a minimum donation to stay in the clan. Be active and donate.
6. Have fun and don't drink the purple juice!

To get registered access to forum request on chat in Clash of clans please. Provide what user name you would should actually match your login tag to clash of clans to eliminate confusion.


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